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This HOWTO will explain the steps needed to install the Windows device driver for the Linino ONE console terminal.

Firstofall download the Linino ONE Windows drive for Windows 7/8 from here: linino One Windows drivers

Plug in the Linino ONE board into your computer. Looking at the Device Manager you'll find something similar:

Please right click on Linino One and select Update Driver Software…

Select Browse my computer for driver software

And then select Let me pick form a list of device drivers on my computer

Click on Next button and then on Have Disk… button

point to the directory where uncompress the driver downloaded

select Linino ONE

Click Yes on Update Driver Warning dialog

and finally the driver is installed

verify now the Device Manager window

The port COM4 was assigned to the Linino ONE. Use an hyper terminal application like PuTTY with 115200 8N1 settings to connect to your Linino console.

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