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Getting Started

The first step to getting started with linino is to set up a connection to your linino device, in this case the Arduino Yun. Two approaches are described below: ssh (requires a network connection) and minicom (serial protocol via the mini-usb port).

Connecting with ssh

Out of the box, you can connect to the Arduino Yun over its wireless network, since the Arduino acts as a 2.4GHz 11n Wi-Fi access point. The broadcast SSID should be of the form Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXX, where the X's are numbers or letters specific to the MAC address of your device.

Now you can ssh to the Yun using its wlan IP address. The default wlan IP address is Use your favorite ssh client or from the Linux command line:

# ssh

The default password for the Arduino Yun is 'doghunter'. Enter the password when prompted and you should gain access to the Yun. To change the password once inside, use the passwd command.

To connect via ssh without using wireless, plug the Yun's Ethernet port directly into a switch or router. The Ethernet port is setup as a WAN port, defaulting to a DHCP client. The WAN connection therefore allows the Yun to connect to the Internet. You'll need access to the upstream DHCP server in order to look up the IP address obtained by the Yun. You can obtain help from this tutorial here. Or you can first connect to the Arduino Yun via minicom (following the tutorial below) and run the command:

# ifconfig eth0

Once you know your Arduino Yun's WAN IP address, then you can ssh to that address.

# ssh <ip_address>

Connecting with Minicom at 115200-8-N-1 (Please be sure to run the latest Linino image)

A fairly powerful way to connect to the Arduino Yun is via a mini-usb cable and Minicom ( 115200 baud 8N1 ). First, install minicom.

$ sudo apt-get install minicom

Next, plug in the mini-usb cable to your Arduino Yun with the usb port plugged into your computer. Now run minicom with the setup option to configure the correct serial port.

$ sudo minicom -s

If you run into an error using the above command, try becoming root then run minicom.

$ sudo -i

# minicom -s

When prompted with the setup menu, choose the option Serial port setup then press a to change the Serial port option from to /dev/ttyACM0. Press enter twice to get back to the setup menu then scroll down and select the Save setup as dfl option. This will now save the default serial port setting to /dev/ttyACM0. After the save has completed, select the Exit option from the setup menu.

The next step is to configure your device.

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